1. light, sunny, sunshiny; cloudless, fair, unclouded, fine, mild.
2. bright, shining, radiant, brilliant; illuminated, alight, lit, lighted; lambent, resplendent, beaming, ir-radiant, lucent, luciferous; aglow, glowing, luminous, luminescent, incandescent; lustrous, nitid, sparkling, glistening.
3. transparent, limpid, pellucid, translucent, crystalline, diaphanous; glassy, transpicuous, hyaline.
4. pure, even, perfect, unadulterated, unmixed, unalloyed; genuine, valid, true, real, authentic; unblemished, clean, unmarred, flawless, faultless, orient, stainless; unstained, unsullied, unpolluted, uncontami-nated, untainted, uncolored.
5. defined, distinct, discernible, recognizable, well-defined, well-marked; visible, vivid, graphic; unhidden, undisguised, unconcealed; perceptible, distinguishable, audible, hearable; articulate, enunciated, enounced; (of sounds) clarion, silvery, sweet.
6. comprehensible, understandable, apprehensible, ascertainable; intelligible, legible, coherent, cogent; simple, plain-spoken, exoteric, straightforward; unambiguous, lucid, perspicuous, unconfused, luculent; perspicacious, perceptive, discerning, astute, penetrating, keen, sharp, quick.
7. evident, plain, obvious, palpable, manifest, apparent; unmistakable, unequivocal, unquestionable, incontrovertible; clear-cut, explicit, patent, express; pronounced, salient, prominent, marked, decided; undeniable, irrefutable, irrefragable, undubitable; incontestable, apodictic, indisputable; authoritative, absolute, downright, utter, sheer, thorough, out-and-out; unqualified, conclusive, undisputed, unquestioned, beyond question, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
8. positive, definite, assured, sure, certain; convinced, confident, secure, satisfied, free from doubt; unshaken, unwavering, undeviating, Inf. cocksure.
9. serene, calm, pacific, still, quiet; restful, storm-less, windless; placid, tranquil, sedate, untroubled, unperturbed, undisturbed, unagitated; peaceful, halcyon, irenic, composed; quiescent, reposeful, comfortable, easeful.
10. excused, freed, loose, released, discharged, liberated, at liberty; manumitted, emancipated, disenthralled; free, rid, quit, scot-free; exonerated, vindicated, absolved, acquitted, Inf. let off, justified, forgiven.
11. open, wide, exposed, unobstructed, unimpeded, unembarrassed, untrammeled; unhampered, unencumbered, unburdened; unfettered, unyoked, unreined, unmuzzled, unshackled, unbridled, unchained; unrestrained, unchecked, unbound, unconstrained.
12. emptied, empty, unloaded, free, unpacked; exhausted, depleted, deflated.
13. clean, completely, entirely, totally; altogether, wholly, fully, utterly.
14. lighten, brighten, break, clear up; clarify, enlighten, illuminate, shed light on; elucidate, explain, Archaic. enucleate; interpret, expose, bare, demonstrate, show, exhibit, lay open; define, make plain, make clear, disambiguate, simplify.
15. cleanse, purify, clean, expurgate, depurate, refine; wash, deterge, purge, expunge, Med. absterge; erase, wipe clean, wipe away; leach, lixiviate, filter, percolate, strain.
16. remove, evacuate, make vacant, get out; cut away, take away or off, sweep away or off; empty, flush, drain; exhaust, deplete, deflate, void, eliminate.
17. disentangle, free, extricate, disengage, disembarrass, disencumber; untie, unravel, untwist, unknot, loosen; detach, unfasten, unloose, separate, undo; unclog, unstop, unseal, unblock, dislodge.
18. exonerate, absolve, vindicate, excuse, exculpate; acquit, discharge, pardon, amnesty, reprieve, forgive, Inf. let off; release, liberate, free, set free, let go; emancipate, manumit, disenthrall, disenslave; unfetter, unshackle, unchain, unbind, unbolt, untie.
19. process, handle, expedite, dispatch, dispose, reroute.
20. gain, profit, net, realize a profit, make a profit, earn, win, bring in; glean, reap, Inf. take off the top.
21. authorize, approve, pass, sanction, ratify, legalize; give one's nod of approval, set one's seal to, Inf.O.K., Chiefly U.S. approbate; permit, allow, consent to, Inf. give the green light to or go-ahead to.
22. settle, square, satisfy, liquidate, pay off, discharge; cancel debts, close an account, wipe off; balance, adjust, reckon.
23. pass over, skip over, leap over, hop over, jump over, vault over, bound over, bounce over, Inf. make.

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